Women's Wealth Club (WWC)

Additional Information

The purpose of Women's Wealth Club is multi-faceted.  WWC was born out of a desire to reach women and to build a community of women who feel great about money!  Women traditionally want to learn the 'whys' about whatever they're learning about - so we are not going to  talk about the next best stock tip or which mutual fund or life insurance product you should buy.  We are going to talk about the 'why'.  Why we do what we do with money, why we feel the way we do about money and why we have the money results we have.  

We strive to educate women about the importance of taking control of their financial future.  This group is about empowering and building the women's community to grow personally, professionally and financially.  Amazing things happen when women team up and we are excited to provide an atmosphere that promotes this happening.

We meet monthly in several locations around the Valley, and in several other states as well.  Currently we are meeting in the following locations:

2nd Tuesday in Mesa, AZ at the Hub Grill & Bar 1925 S. Sossaman Rd., Mesa, AZ

3rd Tuesday in Gilbert, AZ at Pearle Vision 2475 S Val Vista Dr. #103, Gilbert, AZ

3rd Wednesday in Scottsdale, AZ at CalChoice Financial 8901 E Mountain View Rd. #110, Scottsdale, AZ


Call Laurie at (480) 586-4235